Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wow...what a day!

Today I was planning on making some more birthday cards for my client & friend, Jenny, but I just HAD to sit down and watch Oprah's last show.....which I DVR'd to watch when I had a free moment...LOL!  When does a stay-at-home mom have a free minute?! was one of Oprah's best shows....and I have watched a LOT of her shows over the years.  She was the one who got me SO into Dr. Oz, and watching his new show all the time.  Her show today was Oprah just talking to all of us....but I feel like my mother was channeling her and talking directly to me about validating myself.  It was a TRULY powerful moment in my life that changed how I view myself.  I hope everyone, everywhere validates themselves and realizes how truly special we all are!!

And since I have to pick up my boys soon....and still have laundry to finish and dishes to do, etc, etc....maybe I'll get back to making cards tomorrow!!

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